For a few weeks now, I’ve been selecting some pieces of my music and making them available, as a free download for a week, until the next #TuesdayTune becomes available. (I know…generous to a fault, eh?). This week, I asked the question “Anyone got any ideas what sort of thing I should do for my #TuesdayTune tomorrow?”. Amongst others, “how about something timeless . . a classic :-)”, was a suggestion. Well, within the ‘Flood’ circles, ‘Yvanda‘ is probably regarded as one of my ‘classics’, if indeed, any of my music could be described thus! It was written many moons ago, when I was still in my teens…(ah yes, I remember it well…sort of). It’s included on the Disguises album. Oh..and most importantly…it’s my mum’s favourite 🙂 .
Yvanda Cover Art TT

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