In 2005, members of the congregation at St Michael’s Church portrayed the events of Holy Week using mime, under the direction of Dramatist and Minister Ron Ward. They performed to a recorded backing of original music (by yours truly), underscoring a narrative written by Ron and vocally acted by other members of the congregation of St Michael’s. We released an album of that original recording. We were very lucky to have the brilliant Kate Simmonds singing ‘A Redemption Song’ on the album. Thanks Kate!
Since the original performance of this piece (which was during Holy Week in 2005), a number of the original cast have departed this mortal coil. That’s why, when the album was released, it was dedicated to the memory of Joy Ashton, Bert Cheeseman, Julie Coleman and Gladys Martin.

Here’s a link to Kate singing ‘A Redemption Song‘.

And here’s an album sampler on YouTube:

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