You may remember back in October, I posted about a video on my YouTube channel being erroneously blocked on copyright grounds. I’ve copied that post below. I’m happy to say I won my dispute against YouTube and Viacom, and the erroneous claim has now been ‘released’ by the complainer! Yay! Click on the ‘released’ video to see it on YouTube.

Original post was:
More frustrating times in the world of online content and ownership! Apparently, my entry into a score-writing contest, hosted on YouTube at the start of the year and long-since finished, has been blocked by Viacom for possible infringement of copyright. I can assure YouTube and Viacom that the music was composed, performed and produced by me…..honest gov! However, if it’s now been blocked on my YouTube channel, I’ll have to let people see it here on my FB page. Here are the details about it:
The fantastic Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) ran the competition for composers to write the music to their ground-breaking, innovative, origami-styled fund raising video, made by Lyrix Organix.